Antique Archaeology

by Andy on January 11, 2011

This past weekend we went to my sisters house in Port Byron Illinois and we found out that the antique store Antique Archaeology where the guys from American Pickers are from, was just across the river in LeClair IA so we had to go. and not to mention there was a geocache right there so we went. It is cool. it is a tiny little shop you walk in and there is a counter and some shirts and hats and things to buy. then you walk into the garage area and there are a few things in there. It is cool to see some of the things that you have seen on the show. Then you can walk upstairs and Danielle was up there Micah went right up to her and told her that “we watch this show” and she said “oh you do, do you like it?”. It was cool to see Below are some pictures from outside

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